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!!!!!! THIS INFO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY !!!!!!! YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT USE THIS FIRMWARE IN ANY OTHER DEVICE APART FROM THE AMIKO A3 ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO THESE FILES ARE NOT FOR THE AMIKO COMBO EITHER, THESE FILES ARE FOR AMIKO A3 ONLY. !!!!!!!!! YOU FOLLOW MY VIDEO AND USE THIS INFO AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! THIS INFO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY !!!!!!! YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!! My Blog: http://www.vdubt25.co.uk Windows extractor program: http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm Zip file: http://www.filedropper.com/a3-firmware Here is a guide on how to flash your amiko a3 from recovery files, to updating to the latest firmware and installing some apps to help keep your device up to scratch and running at its best, from start to finish i have tried to make this video as easy and as understandable as possible, while doing so trying to keep this video as short as possible also. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH THE ADDON PLEASE CONTACT THE ADDON DEVELOPER NO-ONE ELSE. these add-ons are 3rd party add-ons and i have NO AFFILIATION with the TEAM/DEVELOPERS OF THE SOFTWARE, These are add-ons created by devs/hobbiest from all over the world they are basically extensions to enhance features/options to the FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. ============================================================================================================================================================ !!!!!! DISCLAIMER !!!!!!! THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS SOFTWARE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED/AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS, THIS SOFTWARE IS A FREE OPEN SOURCE MEDIA CENTER/PLAYER, IT STARTED DEVELOPMENT IN 2003 AND HAS RECENTLY CHANGED TO IT'S NAME. THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS SOFTWARE WILL OFFER NO SUPPORT TO ANY 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS ANYWHERE WITHIN THEIR NETWORK INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA, FORUMS, Although THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE has an official repository they take no liability for any of the Add-ons written by 3rd parties. They are not responsible for their content or application. 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS ARE CREATED BY DEVELOPERS IN THEIR OWN TIME FOR FREE PLEASE REPECT THE DEVELOPERS OF THESE ADD-ONS DO NOT CONTACT THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS REGARDING ANY 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS PLEASE CONTACT THE DEVELOPER/AUTHOR OF THE 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS. THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY ON HOW YOU USE THIS INFO AND/OR IF ANY DAMAGES/LEGAL ACTIONS ARE CAUSED, YOU AS THE USER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL/OR ANY USE OF THIS INFO, DO NOT CONTACT MYSELF, THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS, OR DEVELOPERS OF THE 3RD PARTY ADD-ONS FOR YOUR USE OF THIS INFO/ADD-ONS FOR ILLEGAL USE IF ANY APPLY.

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